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Prodigal is a profound augmented reality experience about the internal struggle of a broken family. Look at the artwork with our free Varlio App (link above) and it magically comes to life on your wall. Watch the stunning scene as it's created, as narration leads you through the tragic circumstances to a breath-taking conclusion. Your own wall behind the canvas opens to reveal a larger video that brings a rich ambiance to the tale. This story is known for bringing people to tears. You'll love sharing this with your family and friends. The original print is made with resin overlayed thickly with acrylics in a style reminiscent of Van Gogh.

Size: 20" x 13.3"

Image of Magic
Image of Emc2
Image of The Outlook on the Crumbling Edge of Everything
The Outlook on the Crumbling Edge of Everything
Image of Umi4ucimu
Image of Fiddler
Image of Drakonas
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