Our Story

You can easily enjoy our magical fine art experiences in the comfort of your own home. They're so much fun to share with friends. We do it all the time, and it never gets old. Watch this video to learn just how easy it is, and to learn more about who we are. 


"It's Harry Potter-type magic. There's nothing quite like it."


We've been awkward artists and software geeks from our earliest days. We were the kids who spent sleepless weekends role-playing adventures through dismal dungeons to save princesses from monsters. We were coding story-based games on the first personal computers and inking our own comic books. It was always about the magic, and always about the story.



Flash forward to the current time. 

Our hearts still beat for that magic, and for those fantastic tales. But something special happened on the way to the modern age. We came face to face with the biggest breakthrough in human history. Augmented Reality. And now all the magic and all the stories can stand on their own two feet and sweep us away with their real-life power. Now we can hang prints on the wall that transport us to impossible places to witness impossible things. We can be the knights who save the princesses. Or the princesses who save the nights. Or save other princesses. Or whatever. If we can dream it, we can do it.

Michelangelo carved wonders out of stone. Divinci made colors sing. And Picasso broke all the rules. Art history is a series of revolutions like these. And we stand on the edge of the next one - Augmented Reality, where art lives and breathes and touches our world with unprecedented power.

Buy some art. Bring your walls to life. Help us hand the torch from the greatest creative minds of the past to the greatest creative minds of the future.